I always felt like podcasts were OVER! I had an original iPod, then smartphones, etc. I have used Stitcher radio for years and got the impression that there were too many podcasts. Many of which were not particularly interesting. So why start a podcast now?

I learned a few things….


Only 1/5 Americans listen to podcasts regularly!

That number is growing steadily. The audience for podcasts has not peaked yet and will continue to grow.

Only 1/3 Americans have ever even listened to a podcast!

That means roughly 220 million Americans have yet to even experience a podcast.

Podcasts fit well into the lifestyle of busy people (and it seems everyone is busy).

Commuting, doing chores around the house or on the treadmill; all are great times to listen to audio content.

This gives me hope that podcasts that share great stories, educate and entertain will have a growing audience in the coming years. Digital and content marketing are difficult. Getting a brand out there is a daunting task, particularly knowing most products will fail. Despite the odds, it’s exciting to share the story that inspired ApprenticeCo.