The world is changing quickly. Technology has changed our lives faster than most people realize. Companies and whole industries disappear, seemingly overnight. Sadly, many Americans feel caught off guard and scared. Good jobs used to mean a lifetime of financial security. Today, that sense of security is hard to find in any career. Many people who have good jobs, feel stuck and unable to advance. Experts say old industries die because of a bad education system. Other experts say it is the economic divide between social classes. We all know some people have had a lot of success. Those people were able to find a career that worked for them.

Many Americans feel a lot of stress from financial pressure. Jobs have gone to other countries or were lost to robots. The basic technology skills needed to get a job has increased a lot. People can no longer walk down to the local plant and apply for a decent job. Paper mills in Scranton, PA have closed. Coal miners in West Virginia are out of work. Air conditioner plants have left Minnesota for China.

Detroit- once the heart of American industrial power, yet today the residents who remain struggle to find decent middle-class jobs.

These workers have valuable skills and years of experience. They have managed plant floors, operated industrial equipment and kept books. So, shouldn’t they have a place in the United States economy?

Yes. Yes, they should. But the reality is that it will not be easy. New careers can feel distant and impossible to acquire. Most people are willing to do the work but get overwhelmed by making all the right choices. They want a “good life.” They understand change is inevitable. These are Americans struggling to get ahead and feeling isolated in their journey. Successful professionals are willing to share their wisdom. This gap is unnecessary, and we can fix it.

We think we can help, those in the struggle, win by connecting them with successful professionals.

Dwelling on the negative is easy. We live in stressful times. The stress of today often feels permanent. However, we have overcome great things in the past. Humans are great problem solvers. And we stronger now due to the uniting power of the internet.

We believe in the American worker. We also believe that bringing traditional factory jobs back is probably not going to work. We want to help people get those good jobs. We want to help those in the hustle gain access to the trustworthy profession. We suggest an age old tradition; skills based mentorship. As a society, we have unlimited potential. We want to provide knowledge on how to hack into one’s career. Join us. Bring your skills and expertise. Bring your hustle, your grind, and your dreams. Collectively we can build a resource that ensures no one gets left behind.